How to go from DF to Hotel La Casona Temazcal?

Access by car (highway)

The free highway that comes from Cuajimalpa has 2 lanes until the intersection with the quota highway. The quota highway starts from Santa Fé. When you arrive to Toluca, find the exit to Avenue Las Torres (parallel to Tollocan) continue to follow the signs that say Paseo Colón, Nevado de Toluca, Temascaltepec. Turn left in Paseo Colon and you’ll find a big rounded fountain, so turn right on Avenida Pacifico, finding in about 5 min the Coca-Cola.

After 25 min of the area of curves you will find a “y” that says Temascaltepec-Valle de Bravo, continue on Temascaltepec.

When you finally reach the municipality of Temascaltepec you’ll find a sign which says “Bienvenidos a Temascaltepec” (Welcome to Temascaltepec), follow the main street (Iturbide) and continue straight finding the Church and the Quiosco. On the same street, around 100 mts forward and on the right side of the road the Hotel La Casona Temazcal is situated.

We are in Iturbide street 10 Down Town, Valle de Bravo-Temascaltepec, State of México CP 51300.



Take the line of buses Toluca-Zinancaltepec y Ramlaes that comes from the Bus Station in Observatorio in Mexico City or in Toluca’s Bus Station.


Arriving at International Airport of Mexico City, you can take the public transportation to the Bus Station of Obervatorio or from the International Airport of Toluca to Toluca’s Bus Station in the line of buses we mentioned above.
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Calle Iturbide 10 Col. Centro, Valle de Bravo-Temascaltepec, Edo. de México CP 51300 | Tels. (716) 2665 460 EUA 1 (310) 760 38 54 | Movil (045) 722 2952494             By: