Touristic Attractions

Due to the natural wealth of Temascaltepec the zone and the fact that we are extremely close with the magic town Valle de Bravo, we have a great variety of touristic activities for every liking and age.

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Sites of Interest in Valle de Bravo and Temascaltepec
  • Church “Virgen de la Candelaria S. XVII”
  • Templo del Señor del Perdón
  • Archeologic Zone ¨Sn Lucas del Pulque¨
  • Piedra Herrada "Monarca Butterfly"
  • Hatchery Trout ¨Ojo de Agua¨ (Real de Arriba)
  • Golf Course ¨Rancho Viejo¨
  • Cave ¨La Culebra¨(golondrinas)
  • Hotel “La Casona” (Laboratorio Mina del Rincón)
  • Mine ¨Del Rincón¨
  • Mine Amatista
  • Walk “La Magdalena”.Walk “Las Juntas”
  • Zacazonápan .Manantial “Chichotla” (Las Mesas)
  • Cerro “El Peñón”

  • Real de arriba
  • Hidroelectric “Río Verde”
  • Stairs “Los Tanques”
  • “Gliders Albarrada”
  • ”Orchidearium”
  • Trabajos deshilados “Tenayac”
  • Rancho “La Labor”
  • Hatchery Trout “Meson Viejo”
  • Adventure Tourism
  • Temple of Maranatha Carmelitas Descalzos
  • Paragliding Tower in Valle de Bravo
  • Waterfall “El Velo De Novia”
  • Craft Market in Valle de Bravo

  • Real de arriba

    Adventure Tourism

    - Paragliding in Valle de Bravo (service to recruit) Come and live one of the most exciting adventures with the help of qualified and safe instructors. En this sport you will “fly” above the amazing mountains of Valle de Bravo and admire from the heights every beautiful landscape that this magic town can offer.

    - Mountain Bicycle, Through the forests of our state whether its in Valle de Bravo or Temascaltepec, come and experience incredible places practicing this sport with adrenaline and sense of adventure.

    - Gotcha Paint-Ball (20 min. from Hotel La Casona Temazcal) Pure adrenaline and emotion without boundaries are the sensations you might find in this amazing and fun sport.

    - Motocross (a 20 min from Hotel La Casona Temazcal) riding motocross is one of the most important sports around Valle de Bravo and Temascaltepec; our visitors love it because it combines emotion and adrenaline.


    - Monarca Butterfly inside the municipality of Temascaltepec: One of the most interesting and beautiful natural phenomenon’s is developed between December and April in Temascaltepec; the migration of the Monarch Butterfly is an indescribable show you need to see.

    - Observation of Birds: Have discovered several species of birds, which is why it is the perfect place to visit for the nature lovers and the ones who are interested in the theme.

    - Observation of exotic plants: Due to the weather of the region, Temascaltepec is the land of exotic flowers such as the orchids and they had been found a lot of different species, come and enjoy of this passionate activity and get lost within the beautiful nature of this unique town.

    - Hiking: The trails await you, enjoy the fantastic wonders of Temascaltepec’s nature, you can walk around in contact with nature and breath the clean and fresh air of our green forests.

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