History of Temascaltepec

Temascaltepec ¨Cerros de Baños de Vapor¨

The Matlatzincas inhabited the territory of this municipality, which is close to Valle de Bravo, and it is probable that Temascaltepec´s town was actually built around their mines thanks to them.

During the colony and even after the independence, the municipality of Temascaltepec was one of the richest mineral zones in México. It belonged to Taxco’s district.

Andrés de Tapia conquered it. He started to explode the town around 1556, after discovering silver mineral inside the town mines.

When Temascaltepec finally reached the year of 1569, there was already a big church, 55 neighbors, more than 250 Indians and 200 workers.

On the 4th of November 1861 the name of Temascaltepec de González was given to this mine town in honor of Plutarco González, which was an amazing leader of the reform.

From September of 1874 to October 1831, Temascaltepec stopped being on the head of the district due to its transfer to Tejupilco.

Nowadays Temascaltepec is considered a “Charming Town” due to all its beautiful vegetation, which includes places such as the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. Located just 20 minutes before Valle de Bravo, Hotel La Casona Temazcal is the perfect place for your weekends, holidays and vacations.

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