Temazcal and Massages

The tradition of the steam baths (Temazcal) has been al over Mesoamerica for a very long time and its use has been changing within the years. For example its construction has changed, as well as its name depending on the language and the tradition.

Nowadays it is known as the Temazcal, this word in Nahuátl it’s translated as “House of Steam Bath”.

In Europe the steam bath is well known, especially in some parts of Russia where it takes part as a center of ceremonial activities and purification. We still don’t know for how many years it has existed, but many say it began in the Stone Age. Its very overwhelming being able continues with such an antique tradition and also to share it with all our guests inside Hotel La Casona Temazcal.

Its construction and use is very varied. The Temazcal is a native Indian tradition where the fire, the water, the air and the earth treat our body and spirit in a very special way. The temperature that can reach is up to 40° or 50° degrees Celsius, creating great changes within our health, which makes us, feel good and in complete peace with ourselves.

Being inside a Temazcal is an unforgettable experience and very powerful in our lives as well. It’s an opportunity to be in complete peace with us and learn to appreciate nature. It’s all about stopping, searching and finding us. The Temazcales in Valle de Bravo and especially in Temascaltepec are very characteristic of the zone. Come and live this incredible experience and purify your soul, undone toxins and learn through a guide at Hotel La Casona Temazcal also known as Hotel La Casona Mexico.

Duration:  2 hours

Cost per Person:  $ 880.*  Includes body mud mask


- Provides deep relaxation, relieves muscle tension and stiffness, reduces anxiety and stress and relaxes the mind.

- It is an extremely vigorous massage perfect for athletes increases the capacity, tone, active, relax, slow down fat, increases flexibility and endurance.

- It regulates emotions, improves motor skills and coordination body enhancement, flexibiblidad and elasticity, is relaxing and helps toning internal organs.

- Turn should help to release trapped emotions and energy level, stimulates the parasympathetic system providing the rest.

- "It works very smooth helps eliminate cellulite, stimulates circulation and is excellent to drain fat.

- Relaxing massage helps the muscles slacken and provides rest.

- Relaxing massage. It works very smooth and energy level, helps eliminate contractures.

- "It's very relaxing, helps to counteract fatigue, eliminates toxins, improves blood supply to skin and deep tissue level.

Dances of the Sun and Moon

* Rates in Mexican pesos and does not include taxes    

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